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POLY Informatics performs situation assessment, requirements definition, identification of key metrics, technology and process evaluation, and 'real-world' user needs analysis directed toward useful and usable solutions.  Vendor-neutral, we objectively identify appropriate technical approaches.  Our agile project organization supports on time implementation with ongoing project transparency and assessment of project status relative to business objectives.

Software Solutions
POLY Informatics provides development of software solutions, including internet/web systems, database applications, device/robotics programming, embedded, and graphics applications.  We perform software performance improvement and optimization, quality assurance, and provide training of client personnel.

Advanced Solutions
POLY Informatics has significant experience in developing software solutions to complex business, scientific and engineering challenges.  We specialize in projects involving intelligent systems, very large data volumes, and high performance.  Technology expertise includes artificial intelligence, business intelligence, large databases & data warehouses, high performance computing, business rules & knowledge based systems, pattern recognition, image analysis and vision systems.

Data Mining & Business Intelligence Analytics
POLY Informatics provides analytics consulting and development services to analyze and understand complex data POLY Informatics offers services to perform data mining analysis of client data to provide actionable business insight.  Areas of expertise include business intelligence and analytics, data mining, and pattern and knowledge discovery.

Product Development
POLY Informatics assists clients with their full lifecycle product development efforts, augmenting client staff with solution design, technology selection, overcoming challenges, performance enhancement, project completion, project management, quality program adherence, and client customer communication.


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