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  POLY Bioinformatics

Biotech organizations and pharmaceutical firms must develop new products and to do so, researchers and scientists must effectively utilize the rapidly growing available scientific chemical literature and other information. 

POLY Bioinformatics develops advanced software tools for automated information organization, search, and discovery in the biochemical / pharmaceutical space.

POLY Bioinformatics is completing development of an integrated, multi-technology approach for an innovative automated “chemical OCR” software system that extracts 2-D chemical structure diagrams in research articles and databases, translates the information into standard chemical file formats, and annotates the information to facilitate researcher search.  This system will be used for building and sharing databases of chemical information and knowledge built from the information that is currently buried in thousands of published scientific research articles and patents. 

Bioinformatics Analytics

POLY provides information technology, advanced analytics, and bioinformatics consulting services to assist organizations in collecting, organizing, and managing chemical and biological data, and converting that information into useful knowledge.

POLY provides software systems and services enabling scientists and researchers to better process, analyze, visually explore and understand very large amounts of disparate data.  One observer described POLY as “… ‘rocket science' software applied to Biotech and Pharma challenges”.

POLY provides drug discovery computational modeling services.  POLY services can support in silico testing and high-throughput virtual screening.  POLY can support systems biology initiatives with advanced software technologies.  POLY provides clients with resource flexibility, opportunity to quickly overcome challenges, and enhancement of scientific productivity by producing knowledge from data for client scientists.

Drug Discovery Analytics

To shorten development cycles and improve the quality and speed of data analysis, POLY utilizes sophisticated data mining and analytics in conjunction with high-performance systems that enable rapid, complex analysis of very large data volumes.  The approach leverages human intelligence and creativity with computational speed and automated analysis.  Solutions integrate multiple data sources, including clinical and discovery research information, to provide researchers with direct access to all pertinent information.  POLY has significant experience in data preparation, high-content data analysis and very large scale database implementation and performance optimization.


POLY provides sophisticated data mining and analytics technologies to predict compound results for in vitro assays.  POLY can assist in rapidly identifying the most biologically active compounds, and optimize compounds in multiple-objective test scenarios.  POLY improves the quality of analysis while shortening the time to discovery, assisting in identifying novel drug candidates within a compact timeframe, reducing the time to discovery results with high-performance systems that enable complex analysis of vast amounts of data rapidly.

POLY Bioinformatics Team

The POLY team includes specialists in computational drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, bioinformatics, molecular modeling, cheminformatics, high-performance computing, sophisticated analytics, machine learning, and data mining.


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