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POLY Informatics is an advanced software consulting, development, and analytics firm.  We provide consulting, design, and professional software development services that provide high-value, innovative solutions to complex business, engineering, and scientific challenges.

The POLY Informatics team includes specialists in numerous software technologies with a wealth of experience in providing software systems with as many as 200,000+ users.

POLY Informatics strives to be a leader in creating effective, practical, and usable software and systems.  Beginning with understanding client objectives, our design approach utilizes best practices to attain balance.  An agile project methodology presents a clear view of ongoing project progress.  The objective is to rapidly enable our clients to be agile, flexible, and competitively superior in their performance in conformance with their internal processes and standards.

POLY Informatics works with clients to first identify and evaluate alternative approaches, and then integrate selected tools and appropriate technologies to efficiently produce solutions.

POLY Informatics leverages advanced software technologies to enable clients to attain significant performance and productivity advantage.

POLY Informatics can assist with systems for either client internal use or client product development.

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